Devops Meetup @ Ola

Last Saturday, we hosted a DevOps Meetup at Ola Bangalore office (EGL). We were delighted to meet so many people, talk about latest trends in DevOps and network with each other.
Here are some exciting pics from the event:

Tech Talks on DevOps

We had 5 sessions which covered a variety of topics.

Micro-services at scale

Speaker: @rohit01, Production Engineer II at Ola
Slides: click here
Summary: In this talk, I spoke about how a monolithic application can be converted into microservices. I used a calculator rest API docker image as an example. Demonstrated, how easy it is to create micro-services using Mesos.

AWS managed services to create serverless applications

Speaker: @chandrashekar_m, Architect at Knowlarity Communications
Slides: click here
Summary: In this talk, Chandra talked about AWS managed services. He talked about AWS lambda, Redshift, DynomoDB among others to create serverless web applications. He also gave an example of Knowlarity use case and explained, how startups can leverage it to have a better focus on business.

Salt - Deploy, Monitor, React

Speaker: @NabarunChatterj, Production Engineer I at Ola
Slides: click here
Summary: In this talk, Nabarun gave an introduction about Saltstack. He talked about salt minions, agent vs agentless approach for configuration management and various components of Saltstack. He explained concepts around states, grains, pillars, reactors as well as beacons. Post demo, he also shared his tutorial repository:

Let’s talk DNS

Speaker: @mehta_, Software Architect at ZipGo
Slides: click here
Summary: In this talk, Abhinav talked DNS service. He started with basics, showed a live demo of how DNS resolution works and slowly moved into advanced topics. DNS root servers got people really excited.

Productivity Tool(s)

Speaker: @sharad1087, Software Professional at Sandvine
Slides: click here
Summary: In this talk, Sharad talked about OpenGrok, which is a fast and usable source code search and cross reference engine. He talked about how it helped improve the productivity of NOC/support engineers. He also talked about select search chrome extension and vim plugins to talk it to the next level.

Awesome Audience!

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And as always, Thanks for reading :)