Introduction to python

Heard about C, C++, java, .net, …? These are the popular programming languages extensively used in industry. Have you heard about python or ruby? These are also programming languages, pretty powerful & easy to learn. Python & ruby are also widely used, especially in startups. Python is also known as a language with batteries included because it has a very rich standard library and lots of third pary libraries.

Learning python is easy. If you already know a programming language, it will take you 1-2 days to master basic python :)

Here’s an example of hello world in python:

>>> print ‘Hello World!’

Hello World!

It is a language for lazy programmers. Write less code, less debugging, less maintenance, more fun!

Installing python: Many linux distribution may have this as pre-installed. If not, you may use a GUI package manager or command prompt. Some examples to install python using command prompt:

Fedora or any red-hat based system: # yum -y install python

Ubuntu or any debian based system: # apt-get -y install python

Open suse: # zypper install python

You can also install it in windows or mac. Just google like this. I would also recommend to install ipython or bython. They have features like tab completion, code suggestions. It can be very helpful in initial learning.

Starting python prompt is simple. Just type ‘python’ in linux console. If trying out ipython or bpython, type ‘ipython’ or ‘bpython’ respectively. Official documentation website:

Some recommended tutorials by fossee group (IIT Bombay):

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