Rakum School for the Blind

We live on what you give

We live on what you give

Visited sometime back. It is a unique blind school at Indranagar, Bangalore, India. It offers free education from kinder garden to post graduation. I saw a group of sweet kids going back to their dorms after regular school exams. Contrary to the expectation, not every child is visually challenged. The school allows normal kids whose parents are blind. The school is small but beautifully maintained. Strength of this school is around 150, mostly small kids. The school also helps old women with no means of employment by organizing an event called the Seva Day. In this event, more than 200 old women from the neighborhood draw a monthly pension of Rs 100/- each along with food rations for a month.

The training imparted includes reading and writing through Braille and mobility training for totally blind children. The school also encourages extracurricular activities like karate, yoga, music, dance, fine arts and crafts.

‘We live on what you give’: We can clearly feel this motto while entering the school. The school runs on donated ration, clothes, stationaries, school uniform, desk, bench, old newspapers, etc. It also highlights the list of possibilities by which the society can help them create a bigger impact. I think, the easiest way to contribute is by donating newspapers and old clothes. Visitors can also sponsor breakfast, lunch or dinner at special occasions like birthday, anniversary or marriages.

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